Dr. George Agbonson

Founder & President of Christ Restoration University

Dear Prospective student,

Welcome to Christ Restoration University. You are on the right track to your fulfilment by making the decision to learn God’s Word. We believe that Education from a Christian perspective will help you in your walk with God and equip you for the assignment God has given you. Our school is Christ-centered! Our mission is to help you fulfill your calling by giving you the right tools you need.

Our university stands out because we don’t just give you rigorous academic programs that are non-relevant. We impart you from the inside out. We bring theory and practice to the table. We are more interested in you knowing God better by learning his principles, applying what you learn in your life, ministry or work place.

We live in a changing world. Nothing is the same anymore. People and Society have changed. The approach to education has to change as well. People are getting more busy by the minute. The challenges and demands are enormous. This is why we offer a non-traditional approach to learning. We bring knowledge to you. You don’t have to leave your home, church, family to go to School. You can learn within your own schedule.

There is nothing as relevant today as the Word of God. The solution to the world’s problems is found in God’s Word. Learning God’s Word is to rightly position yourself as a solution bearer.

In our university, we are raising today’s leaders that will reproduce tomorrow leaders. Join this chariot and be on your journey to fulfillment.

2 Timothy 2:2


In Christ,

Dr. George Agbonson

PhD; PhD; D.Min